Getting Started with Platfolio (A Quick Overview)

1. Get an Evernote account.
Evernote is a free productivity tool that helps you remember everything important to you. It has a lot of very useful features for capturing text, images and audio.

If you don't already use Evernote, it's an application for your desktop, your phone and your tablet. We recommend downloading the desktop version to start.

Sign up at:

2. Connect your Evernote to Platfolio.

Click the button on the upper left part of, or you can also find it at the bottom of this page.

Clicking "Authorize" will take you to the Platfolio settings page.

3. Now, adjust your Platfolio settings.

A) Select a Username
Your default Platfolio username is your Evernote username. You can change Platfolio’s without affecting Evernote’s. Your page will be:

B) Enter your email
This is optional, but a good idea so we can reach you if necessary.

C) Select a Background Color
We've made a couple default options for background colors.
You can also type in any web color code you wish: except maybe#BADA55 (that belongs to Evan Roth). This is a tool to help you select your own color. Here is a color scheme designer too.

D) "View"
Clicking this takes you to your default platfolio page.

4. Find your Platfolio notebook inside Evernote.
When you sign in using your Evernote account at, we create a notebook called "Platfolio" inside of your personal Evernote.

All notes inside of this "Platfolio notebook are displayed on your public platfolio. Delete or replace the welcome "Folio" note and then customize your page(s). For this early phase, we recommend keeping a single note that has all the stuff you'd like to display. If you choose to do more than one note, you may have to get creative with the provisional nature of how Platfolio shows multiple notes. 

This is a screenshot of Chris' Evernote. See his platfolio here.

5. Editing/Desiging your page inside Evernote.

Here is a page
we made with tips for designing inside of Evernote.
Here are some example platfolios.

Ok, ready?
Click here to connect your Evernote to Platfolio!