Who makes Platfolio?
Platfolio is Chris, Jared, Andrew & Greg.

How did you come up with the name?
Platfolio is formed from the words “platform” and “portfolio”.

How does Platfolio work?
Platfolio is an application that helps users turn part of their Evernote into a website. When you sign into Platfolio using Evernote, we create a notebook called "Platfolio" Whatever you put into it is what appears on your personal platfolio page. See some examples here.

Can I change my Platfolio username?
By default, your Platfolio username is the same as your Evernote username. You can change Platfolio’s without affecting Evernote’s on the Platfolio settings page.

How do I use a custom domain name with my Platfolio account?
We’re working on a tutorial page that answers this question in further detail. In the meantime, if you're looking to purchase a domain name, we recommend hover.

Why Evernote?
It's a fantastic productivity tool that millions of people rely on professionally and personally. We use it on a daily/hourly basis—it's indispensable for us. It's also built for almost every platform and device imaginable and has some great features that make it ideal for editing a basic information page with images and text. We figure if you're already using it, why not make it even more useful? If you're not an Evernote user, learn more about it here.

Design tips for Evernote?
Here are some ideas to customize your platfolio page inside Evernote.

Is my information safe?
Platfolio only uses the information you put inside your Evernote’s “Platfolio” notebook. From there we generate the webpage you see when visiting your personal Platfolio page. If you'd like further general reading about internet safety and Evernote, New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt has an informative article on six reasons why he trusts Evernote with his data.

How much does it cost?
Nothing at the moment. We're currently in open beta—testing and honing the core functions and assumptions that prompted us to build Platfolio in the first place. Once launched, Platfolio will be a fee-based subscription service with a free, fully-functioning 1-month trial. Pricing to be determined.

Who does the illustrations?
Jared Purrington—a man of many talents.